About ME

"Lazy Susan" was always the family joke in my household. Whenever we found ourselves at a Chinese restaurant my dad would always be the first to say, "Now we have two lazy Susan's at the table". And he wasn't lying. I was VERY lazy. My first recollection of unhealthy food choices started when we were deemed old enough to make our own breakfast before school. I instead used this time to get the extra 15 minutes of sleep and would walk out the door with a jar of Nutella and a spoon. Throughout the years after school I spent most of my money on alcohol and cheeseburgers and the 9-5 work day consisted of lunch and snacks from the vending machine. I thought I was still healthy because I played Netball 3 times a week and was always 'the skinny girl', but looking back I was always tired. I slept in until midday whenever I had the chance, I was always late, had no energy and was unmotivated. I also thought that I could cook, but really everything that came out of my oven was in the shape of a cupcake, and everything that was cooked in a pan came from a jar. Then one day I met a boy who threw a jar of pasta sauce in the bin and taught me how to make one from scratch. I slowly traded in the packets, boxes, sugar and butters for whole, fresh ingredients and fell in love with the art of creating something from scratch. Now I find myself studying nutrition and have a passion for living a healthy balanced lifestyle. I moved from Adelaide, Australia, to Banff, Canada in 2016 and made the most of living life in the Canadian Rockies. With the mountains at my doorstep I had no choice to get out and enjoy them. Don’t get me wrong, I can still drink half a bottle of champagne within the hour and finish the night with more than one slice of pizza, but life’s all about balance. So in a way I hope this site inspires you to be more active and fuel those activities with good wholesome food, but I also hope it inspires me to keep up living my best life.


You will now find me living in London, UK and still studying towards my bachelor in Food and Nutrition.